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Aleppo is a city in Syria where this soap was first produced.

It is claimed to be the oldest soap recipe in the world.

I was inspired by the history and simplicity of this soap.

Originally it was made through hot processes, with the combination of olive oil and the prized laurel berry oil.

I have decided to make it by using the cold process method so not to overcook the precious oil.

The amount of Laurel berry oil determines the quality of the soap. 

There are very few companies that sell the oil,  and if you find one, the cost is on the upscale.

 Laurel berry oil has natural cleansing properties, good for people suffering from various skin conditions. Combined with olive oil, this soap helps nourish the skin.

No added scent, just the natural aroma of laurel berry.


  • Saponified extra virgin olive (olea europaea), wild crafted laurel berry (Laurus nobilis).

Best sellers

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